Magic hat


Ages 3-6

Cotton fabric, polypropylene 0.3 mm


Children use their imaginations to create stories. I set out to design a toy that would alight the child's imagination. In the wonderful Japanese art of paper folding, Origami, one can design 3-D figurative forms out of a flat sheet of paper. By changing the material from paper to fabric, the toy becomes reusable.

With easy-to-do folds, one can create 3 objects out of one,

I chose the classic form of a hat that turns into a boat, into a frog. The use of fabric rather than paper allowed the introduction of elements that are like sign posts, making the toy appropriate for younger children.

Sheets of polypropylene 0.3 mm are attached to the inside of the fabric, and integral hinges at the place of the folds give the child a sensory hint. Use of fabrics of varying textures, and the addition of elements such as buttons, give visual signs as well.

Playing with the toy teaches the child new skills. The objects he creates become part of his imaginary world.


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